About Us

Wedding and Evening Dress Factory In Turkey

Baymali company is specialised in bespoke Wedding and Evening Dresses manufacturing. Every year we create a new collection of dresses(about 60 styles) and send to our sale points around the world. We have already been working more than 50 countries in the world including European and USA companies. 
Private label wedding and evening dress manufacturing in our company is among the best. We have an integrated settlement in which we cut, sew and finish our high quality dresses. 
From start to finish we incorporate meticulous hand work into our process to meet the high quality expectations of our clients. 
We have the following functions each of which are expert in their part: 
  • Pattern Making
  • Cutting 
  • Sewing
  • Hand work embellishment(Beading and appliques)
  • Finishing
  • Quality Control
We apply quality control in every phase of the manufacturing process, from cut to finish. Not only when the dresses are ready for packaging when it would already been too late and too expensive. By applying quality control in the early phases we prevent any problem from happening in costly manner, thus finishing the whole production in time and in budget. 
Apart from in house manufacturing team we also have approved subcontractors for Sewing and Finishing functions. When we have orders exceeding our capacity we perform sampling, pattern making and cutting processes in our facilities and send dress parts to our controlled subcontractors. We have professional supervisors to plan, monitor and perform quality control with the subcontractors. Altogether we have reasonably high capacity to meet high quality high volume orders. 
Our customers are kept informed on the planning and progress of the production continuously in each phase to provide them the trusty relation sheep and to mitigate any risk which may occurred in production process.
Our company attends national and international fairs regularly during the year with new styles with Dovita brand.